Accessory Dwelling Unit: FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about ADUs and their answers:

What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

An Accessory Dwelling Unit, also known as a secondary suite or home, among other names, is an independent and self-sustaining home sharing the main home's property.

A typical ADU home is designed to have household amenities like a kitchen or kitchenette, dinette, bedroom, shower space, living area, and more. Also, depending on the total indoor area, these homes can easily accommodate two to four people.

What is the purpose of an ADU?

ADUs are built for multiple purposes, including as homes for elderly parents and adult children, guest suites, as well as rental properties.

In fact, most of the new ADU projects are designed for rental purposes as homeowners look for ways to generate passive income from their properties. Not to mention, you can also fully furnish the ADU and use the space for short-term Airbnb rentals.

Is it legal to rent an ADU home?

Yes, you can. Florida allows property owners to rent an ADU, given that it is a secondary structure and not the primary family home.

However, before you rent out your Accessory Dwelling Unit, it is important to go through your local housing codes and check with the concerned HOA. That's because while some areas don't allow short-term rentals, others may not permit any rental use.

Can you sell the ADU separately from your primary home?

No, you can't sell or buy an Accessory Dwelling Unit separately, as one such building can only be sold with the main home.

You see, housing regulations in most states, including Florida, view ADUs as an extension of the primary house and not an independent home. And that means an ADU has to be bundled with the main property at the time of sale.

How long will it take to build an ADU?

The Accessory Dwelling Units are the quickest to build homes and can be built as quickly as under eight hours.

But that doesn't go without saying that the exact time to build an ADU on your property will depend on the type and size of such a structure and can even take days. Nevertheless, you can still expect it within a week.

Where can you build your ADU?

ADU homes are one of the most flexible projects in the sense that you can build them just about anywhere on your property.

Even though most of the ADUs are built either in the backyards or by extending the main home building, you can also have them in spaces like the basement and garage. Also, if you lack adequate space, you can still build a 500 sq feet Junior ADU.

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